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In my most recent in-house position I have been designing all facets of an extensive financial system, all visual, css/sass/html, EQA and W3C requirements are overseen by myself. The UI design process includes wireframing, mockups in photoshop or illustrator and the final result produced on a responsive mobile first framework. There are many aspects of UX also considered, how data is brought in, what are the essential concerns of a journey and how this is attained in the simplest way.

I am experienced in the latest UI/UX, HTML5, CSS3, IA, SEO, CMS's, wireframing, 'usercentric' design, branding, visual design trends, SASS or LESS and RWD (mobile first) techniques. I am very interested producing 'web solutions' rather than a traditional site. I follow many top web-designers / industry people keeping me up to date with latest design thought and build techniques. I enjoy the initial stages of understanding a projects' end-user/client requirements and priorities. Then using a process to develop a highly usable, visually well executed design that achieves initial objectives set. The informational requirements of a website and the visual representation of it, can be affected by many different requirements and I enjoy the resolving of this.

Visual design styles, css, html5, UX/UI, wireframes, CMS, responsive techniques, typography, photography, logos, layout, tints, colors, icons, fonts, animation and jquery are central to my job. Visual creativity has always been at the core of what I do. I always listen to clients thoughts on design then work to achieve the most modern, exciting design that is appropriate to the client. I use mainly photoshop/illustrator for design work. Sometimes helping clients by using style tiles to discuss design preferences. My detailing skills are high and I enjoy rendering these in CSS3 and cross-browsers. I have also been advising and implementing SEO work. I have worked alongside developers in an agile/scrum environment.

Experienced with more than 4 different CMS's, some of which I installed and customised, others working with programmers developing their own. I now hand code css to produce responsive websites and utilise sass or less css-processor for speed. I am very aware of how producing sustainable, notated, formatted code is essential in a company where many people may have to work on a project. For dynamic interaction I use jquery and jquery plugins or lately the latest css animations. I optimise for mobile and WCAG accessibility compliance.

My designs cover corporate, Financial, IT, B2B and education sector websites displaying an in-depth understanding of client requirements and expectations. My aim is to push creativity and technology increasing functionality and aesthetic. I am calm under pressure, hard working and dedicated.

I am leaving my current position as expected work has not materielaised and many people have left or are leaving.

Work Experience

DPR (Feb 2015 - present) - UI Design Consultant

This is an in-house position focusing on their mortgage and finanicial systems used by major banks and supermarkets. They had neglected their visual and front end for 10 years and my job was to look at turning this around and improve their reputation in this sector. I have taken their product and design offerings forward both visually and technically. All visual parts of the UI and how this is rolled out across the product/system are my responsibility, along with a small amount of the companies branding/marketing materials and website.

nTwine (March 2014 - Feb 2015) - Designer/ Front End / UI / UX

This is an in-house position and I have re-designed/built their website to a high standard. I produced the concepts for branding and representing the market positioning/key messages laid out by an expert business analysis. I also reviewed their web-based product in a User Experience report detailing issues and solutions for various important problems found. Research was based around user stories/IA and my experience of working with websites and systems for usability and navigation. I am building on their SEO but have found the work discussed at interview has not materialised.

Blabbermouth Marketing (May 2013 - March 2014) - Designer/ Front End / UI / UX

This is a small local marketing agency where I have helped produce 9-10 responsive/interactive websites for clients in WordPress. I also implemented the design/development process/framework from scratch. All clients went through a basic UX requirement process with IA and wireframes. The clients are all in the communications/IT sector. The incoming work slowed/ and did not require the quality/standards I can produce.

Verseone (April 2010 - May 2013) - Designer/ Front End / UI / UX

I take projects of a larger size, mainly housing associations, work through IA reports, UX techniques, company branding requirements, push the creative side of designing with cms systems, present concepts to decision making groups. Accessibility is a key requirement, as is being aware of latest css3 techniques, degraded for IE and optimising sites for differing mobile devices. In this and my previous role I used query plugins to organise information such as logins and site maps into sliding panels etc. Also jcarousel or bx slider for slideshows with links, news, twitter feeds and text. I've also used Jquery accordion plugins and created tabbed informational areas from data flowing out of database. I've also used query to add classes and perform other dom manipulation.

MLS media - Designer/front end developer

Start: October 2006 - Finish: April 2010 Responsibilities: I designed and built over 30 websites at mlsmedia. I liaised with the clients for requirements and then drive the complete process and project manage 5 or 6 websites, plus other duties. This was my first 100% web orientated role (no print) and I really enjoyed getting out from behind the computer/travelling and getting broader business experience.

I set-up archive, job storage systems, and a website finishing checklist. I installed CMS's on all sites I built and would train the end users (15 or more in a group). I advised on latest SEO techniques and ensured UI's had a clear hierarchy of information. My two Directors moved to America about 1.5 years before redundancy, I became the main point of contact, handling support and enquiries, I had to be self motivated, responsible, trustworthy, organized and prioritize schedules. I also worked on E-newsletters, helped with video work, installed secure membership areas/ blogs/ submission forms and calendar systems. I was made redundant.

Andara design for web and print

Start: October 2005 - Finish: September 2006 Responsibilities: I designed and built three or four websites here, my responsibilities were to work on various design briefs for the web and print. The role was very varied, I had to do: websites, banners, animations, flash animation, logo design, email signatures, layout and typography for print/web, brochures, leaflets, ideas and concepts for various products. The clients were varied, from plumbing fittings, to marketing companies, to security firms. I was made redundant due to lack of incoming work.

BTC Group In-House design for web and print

Start: August 2003 Finish: October 2005 Responsibilities: I was responsible for all in-house design, I looked after their main website (now changed) I also had to implement small websites on which the clients could browse through their products and order items, this required me to learn and use PHP with a mysql database and give them a professional looking finish. I was also responsible for designing the concepts for their 5 brochures and advertisement.

Studio One

2001-03 mainly artworking


2000-01 designer/artworker, web & print I produced a lot of design work here for Landrover, London Business School, British Crafts etc and started getting into basic web design.


1998-00 designer/mac operator, here I had to run the digital side of a small print company, its here that I really learnt all the technicalities of printing and colour, and also any design work that came in.

PDQ imaging

1997-98 designer/mac operator here I was responsible for all the digital side of a photographic company, including slides, exhibition posters etc and any design work that came in.


Photoshop, css, sass, less, wordpress, jquery, balsalmiq, dreamweaver, hype or Adobe Edge (css javascript animation), flash, illustrator, quarkexpress, some indesign.






Married, one 5 year old girl


95-97 HND Typographic Design, West Herts College
93-95 ND Graphic Design, Nene College Northampton